Compare contrast bartram and freneau

Why one might ask? I honestly have no idea, other than after a road trip in Ohio I picked up a bit of an interest So…you read a book on Dayton, Ohio? I honestly have no idea, other than after a road trip in Ohio I picked up a bit of an interest in the state. I also enjoyed reading not too long a history book dedicated to a single state Michigan and wondered if reading a history book dedicated to a single city in this case the Gem City, Daytonmight be interesting.

Compare contrast bartram and freneau

On the 13th of July,the Congress of the old Con- federation, sitting in New York, passed an Ordinance for the Government of the Territory Northwest of the River Ohio, which has passed into history as the Ordinance of Its provisions have since been applied to all the Territories of the United States lying north of latitude 40, which ndw comprises the States of Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Oregon. - [PDF Document]

August 7,the Constitution of the United States having then been adopted, Congress, among its earliest acts, passed one recog- nizing the binding force of the Ordinance ofand adapt- ing its provisions to the Federal Constitution. The Ordinance, in the breadth of its conceptions, its details, and its results, has been perhaps the most notable instance of legislation that was ever enacted by the representatives of the American people.

It fixed forever the character of the immigration, and of the social, political, and educational in- stitutions of the people who were to inhabit this imperial ter- ritory, then a wilderness, but now covered by five great States, and teeming with more than ten million persons, or one fourth of the entire population Compare contrast bartram and freneau the United States.

It forever prohibited slavery and involuntary servitude, that VOL. Cutler and the Ordinance of It declared that re- ligion, morality, and knowledge being necessary to good gov- eminent and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall always be encouraged.

This was the first embodiment in written constitutional law of a provision maintaining the obligation of contracts.

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Six weeks later it was, on motion of Mr. King of Massachusetts, incorporated in the draft of the Constitution of the United States. The Ordinance further provided, that the navigable waters leading into the Mississippi and St.

Lawrence, and the carry- ing-places between the same, shall be common highways and forever free, as well to the inhabitants of the said territory as to the citizens of the United States. They entered not only into the organic laws of the territory, but were made perpetual and irrepealable.

When new States were organized on this territory, the people were not left with the discretion of accepting or discarding the provisions of the Ordinance in their constitutions. Its vital principles, some of which have been enumerated, were em- bodied in six articles of compact between the original States and the people and States of the said territory, and forever to remain unalterable unless by common consent.

It was well understood that common consent to any material change could never be obtained. Jefferson inwhich will come under our notice in a later part of this discussion. If the slavery pro- hibition had not been an article of compact, Indiana and Illinois, and possibly Ohio, would have been admitted into the Union as Slave States.

As early as Gen. William Henry Harrison, then Governor of the Indiana Territory, and later President of the United States, called a convention of dele- gates to consider the means by which slavery could be intro- duced into the territory; and he himself presided over its deliberations.

The convention voted to give its consent to the suspension of the sixth article of compact, and to memorialize Congress for its consent to the same.

The memorial laid be- fore Congress stated that the suspension of the sixth article would be highly advantageous to the territory, and woald meet with the approbation of at least nine tenths of the good citizens of the same.

The subject was referred to a commit- tee, of which Mr.

Compare contrast bartram and freneau

John Randolph of Virginia was chairman, who reported adversely as follows: That the rapidly increas- ing population of the State of Ohio sufficiently evinces, in the opinion of your committee, that the labor of slaves is not necessary to promote the growth and settlement of colonies in that region.

That this labor, demonstrably the dearest of any, can only be employed to advantage in the cultivation of pro- ducts more valuable than any known in that quarter of the Dr.

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In the salutary operation of this sagacious and benevolent re- straint, it is believed that the inhabitants of the territory will, at no very distant day, find ample remuneration for a temporary privation of labor and of emigration.

Several memorials were sent to Congress at a later date, from Indiana and Illinois, asking fQr the repeal of the antislavery prohibition, and several committees in Congress reported in favor of the repeal; but Congress firmly maintained the integ- rity of the compact of The only persons dwelling in the territory at that time were about three thousand Louisiana and Canadian French settlers on its western and northern borders, a few families in the southern border, who claimed to be citizens of Virginia, and roving tribes of Indians.

Although the Ordinance protected the personal and land rights of the French settlers, among whom a few slaves were held, they took no part in the political affairs of the territory, and gradually moved across the Missis- sippi and into Canada.

The Ordinance had, therefore, no old rubbish to clear away, and no deep-seated customs and pre- judices to contend against. It stamped itself upon the soil while it was yet a wilderness, and its impress can be seen to- day in the laws, the character, the social habits, and thrift of these great Northwestern States.

Compare these States with Kentucky on the south and Missouri on the west, over which this Ordinance did not extend. This disparity in industrial habits, general education, and business enterprise was even more marked before the late war than it is now.

Every square mile of territory that was covered by the Ordinance of was patriotic, and gave its men and its means for the support of the Union. South and southwest of that boundary-line were treachery and rebellion under the plausible semblance of neutrality.In contrast with the ornate style of Freneau’s early couplets, he later developed a natural, simple, and concrete diction, best illustrated in such nature lyrics as “The .

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Freneau, Bache, Cal- lender, and Duane wrought continually upon public opinion, and Jefferson entered into the leadership of the party they created, by virtue of a certain skill in giving watchwords and dogmatic expressions for the ideas which they disseminated. It has been customary to assume that the output of his shop was far superior to that of the several other printing houses in the colonies.[i] Such broad generalizations are misleading, however; and it is certainly possible to find Parks and even Bradford imprints which compare .

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