Tragic heroes in the plays by william shakespeare

Through numerous stories that he re-cants Troy embellishes his experiences to cast himself in a righteous light. Contrary, to the stories he tells,… To what extent does Othello meet the criteria of a tragic hero?

Tragic heroes in the plays by william shakespeare

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Tragic heroes in the plays by william shakespeare

Get Access Oedipus the King and Othello: This paper would show that in spite of the arrogance the characters of Oedipus and Othello have, they also possess admirable qualities that made them attain their respective achievements in the two tragedies, it is these same admirable qualities that have caused their respective downfalls.

Heroes in tragedy plays have always been portrayed as those who are courageous, physically fit, masters in the battlefield and honorable individuals such that they are dedicated to a very noble ideal Wells 2, In the case of Oedipus, his nobility could be seen on his concern for his people.

Previously, he had rescued the city of Thebes from the Sphinx that had plagued the land by solving the riddle it asks to anyone who would challenge it.

This eventually led to him being crowned as king of Thebes Bloom Because of their achievements, these two heroes had also become proud and complacent in the judgments that they have eventually made. It was from these judgments that have caused their respective downfalls.

What is the name of a tragic hero in a play by Shakespeare

Initially, he does not believe the accusation. She revealed that the deception was a plot that was masterminded by Iago himself and that Othello had slain an innocent being. After realizing the error of his actions, his pride and arrogance prevented him to admit that he did not do anything wrong.

Instead, he saw that the only way to redeem himself and his Tragic heroes in the plays by william shakespeare through committing suicide Wells In the tragedy of Oedipus, his pride and arrogance did not become the cause of his lack of judgment that had led to his downfall.

That murder was committed by Oedipus himself.

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Initially, he had been advised of this by Teiresias, a blind prophet of the crime that he had committed, that he had killed his father and married his own mother. He refused to listen to the words of the prophet and ignores these due to his temper.

Instead, he suspects that his brother-in-law, Creon is the actual murderer of King Laius but deep inside, he also fears that perhaps the blind prophet was correct that he was the murderer of King Laius.

A feud comes in between the two which was separated by Iocasta who had mentioned that when King Laius was still alive, a prophecy was made that his son would murder him and that after hearing the prophecy, shackled the legs of his infant son and had him left in the fields to die.

The scenario all changed when a messenger from Corinth came to seek an audience with Oedipus to advise him that Polybus, the man he had known all his life as his father was dead and that he in fact was not his biological father.

This information surprises Oedipus since he remembered his wife speaking about the prophecy given to King Laius. He looks for his wife and he was advised that she had killed herself while Oedipus was speaking to the messenger. Those who have found the dead queen had advised Oedipus that she was driven to her death by the knowledge that not only did the prophecy about King Laius had indeed come true, but also she was married to her own son and that she had bore her own grandchildren.

Realizing this plus the feeling of pride, just like Othello, he found that the only way to redeem his errors was through his own hands. In his case, he does not commit suicide like Othello, instead he blinded and banished himself from the city condemned to live the life of a blind beggar.

In fact, their personalities were admired by their subordinates and equals. However, it is also because of these admirable traits of courageousness as well as a sense of pride and honor which many have attributed to the view of what a male should possess during this period.

However, when their masculinity is threatened, the personalities of these heroes become unstable and would turn them into impatient and rogue individuals which will cause them to do things that they would have otherwise not seen themselves doing.

When the rage and impatience of the heroes subside, and are faced with the consequences of their actions during their moments of rage, in both cases, the death of their wives, they begin to suffer the consequences of traits that have been previously admired. As a result, they both resolve to redeem the honor and status that they had once possessed by taking matters into their own hands, whether it is through self-infliction of physical sufferings like in the case of Oedipus, or would even resolve and view that the only way to earn redemption is through them taking their own lives such in the case of Othello Wells In the end, what made these two tragic heroes was not due to the actions that they have taken upon themselves to redeem themselves.

Rather, they have become as such when their admirable behavior is faltered by events that were beyond their control and understanding, resulting to their own tragedies. Works Cited Bloom, Harold.

Chelsea House Publishers, The Complete Plays of Sophocles. Othello, the Moore of Venice. Cambridge University Press, in William Shakespeare, William Shakespeare essays 0 This fantastically modern adaptation of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is guaranteed to keep students enraptured, enthralled and engaged in an amazing feat of filming where fast cars, guns and special affects manage to tie in the dramatic, yet tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet.

In all of Shakespeare's history plays, the world is ruled by a loving God who punishes _____ and rewards _____. Lord Chamberlain's Men company under which Shakespeare wrote during Queen Elizabeth I's reign. William Shakespeare >The English playwright, poet, and actor William Shakespeare (2 vols., ), is a guide through the thickets of the past.

Ronald Berman, A Reader's Guide to Shakespeare's Plays (), provides helpfully annotated bibliographies. Through the portrayal of political leaders as tragic heroes. Centuries my have passed since William Shakespeare last put ink to paper, but the stories he's spun aren't going anywhere.

Director Joss Whedon was a film festival hit with his updating of Much Ado About Nothing (), and today another re-telling of Romeo & Juliet hits select theatres (after Warm. Remember the tragic hero is the main character and he dies at the end, not in the middle.

Also, something that wasn’t mentioned is that often the Tragic hero, at least in Shakespeare, takes his own life at the very end. Shakespeare’s tragic protagonists, the fictional universes they inhabit, and the tragic fates that await them are amazingly diverse.

But every one of his tragic protagonists is doomed by having been cast in the wrong role in the wrong place in the wrong time.

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